Birds and animals are the best companions for people: Essay

Birds and animals are the best companions for people: Birds and Animals although they don’t speak our language they can be the bests friends of a human being. Time and again they have proved their loyalty to human beings. Therefore you will find most policemen use dogs, and many circus people are best friends of Birds and animals.

Yes, Birds and animals are the best companions for people. Birds like parrots are very much loved in many countries and they even can imitate human beings also. They love the company if you are giving them food.

Birds and animals are the best companions for people

Birds and animals are very easy to handle and you can with minimalistic cost and better way maintain them. Birds and animals are smarter than many human beings. They better understand human beings. They understand our emotional states as well. Like many people who have pets at their home you might seem they get sad when you don’t play with them or you are sad.

emotional states

They are the best protector of your house. Like dogs, if you have at home your home will be protected from the unnecessary fear of theft or anything which happens unknowingly. You can leave your home alone just on their security and riks without thinking or worrying much about any loss.

There are many reasons to prove that Birds and Animals are the best Companions for people.

They are Very intelligent:

Birds like parrots, chickadees, and cockatoos are very intelligent. They are a keen learner and can imitate very easily the human voice as well as act. They can signal you when any unknown comes to your home or any unrelated threat or activity happening they are the ones who sense it first.

They are Very intelligent:

Like dogs and cats, they are the ones who have special skills like hearing the unknown frequencies and smells. Therefore most police people used dogs as their friends when it comes to spying and catching the thieves.

You can keep them at home anywhere:

Yes, you will not have to worry always about their place of stay. You can have a small room for them if you want to get some silent time but apart from that, they are not going to trouble you much. If you scold them they are the ones who follow their masters immediately.

Birds and animals are the best companions for people

Many birds are considered to befriend sick as they cannot live alone, hence they will always sing or flock or entertain you with their mimicking skills. They are the ones who equally needed friends like you.

Social with human beings:

Birds and animals are social animals they are like you only. They also need companionship and care and love. If you treat them you want to the return will be like the same to you. They have a natural talent to stay hygienic and fit. Hence you will not have to worry much about their sickness or care.

Minimalistic diet:

Birds and animals are unlike human beings they have their quota of food they will never go beyond that. You will never find fatty birds or animals like that. They are naturally made to eat only how much they can sustain and maintain their better life. Hence you will not have to exploit much from your pocket for them.

Want a long-living companion then adopt birds:

If you want to adopt a long-living friend or animal for yourself then better you adopt birds as some birds are living more than 50 or 60 years also. Hence you can feel comfortable and not get the pain of separation.


Hence in this lifetime at least have either bird or any. Animals of your favorite as your pet and built up the bond of love and have a unique and different experience of life altogether.

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