Tricks to Remember G-20 Countries

Remembering the facts and data for competitive examinations or for any examination is a very hectic task. We have to dive deep into it and come up with something which strikes our mind and then we can able to remember that thing during our exam time.

Here are we with some best and unique funny tricks, which are going to be helpful for you in your examinations. Surely they are going to reduce a lot of your time and energy in making your own tricks. You can download the pdf at the end of the post if you want to download it and take a hard copy for yourself.

How to Remember BRICS countries:

They are in their Names only i.e.





S-South Africa

Tricks to remember G-7 Countries:

Mnemonic: All countries are having a better economy hence more money. So you can remember them as All wealthy Nations Drink JUICE with GF (Girl Friends).

Or Simple JUICY GF.

J- Japan


I- Italy

C- Canada

E- England

G- Germany

F- France


Tricks to remember G-8 Countries:

Just above you have learned the tricks to remember G7 Countries to that ADD one Russia. That is your G7+Russia =G8 Countries.

Tricks to remember G-20 Countries:

See you have already remembered G8 countries from the above tricks.

Now You are left with the remaining 12 countries to remember. Hence we have some simplest techniques through which you can remember them also.

Tricks to remember G-20
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In the remaining 12 countries, we can classify them as:

  1. BRICS countries (4): In trick 1 you learned BRICS nations, They are Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa.(Russia is already added in G8)
  2. Muslim Countries (2): Turkey and Saudi Arabia.
  3. Suppose you went to Australia with ESIKA and she started argueing with you. Means

In Australia, ESIKA Argue with you.



E-European Union

SIKA-South Korea


So this is how you can remember all the G20 countries. Believe me, initially these tricks might seem lengthy but once you get your hands on them. I am damn sure that you will never forget the Names of G7, G8, and G20 countries in your whole life.

What more tricks you want to get please let us know in the comment section below. Your feedback gives us the opportunity to learn and explore new things. Hence take time and please make comments and also share with your friends and family who are learning such tricks.

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