Selfless Service Rendered By Police During COVID 19: Essay

Selfless Service Rendered By Police During COVID: Police are the ones who are looked at like they are the government servants who are just showing their fear to the people who went for help to them. But this is a wrong conception and that can be easily seen through the service rendered by police during the COVID pandemic.

Selfless Service Rendered By Police During COVID

Police are doing Selfless Service during this COVID 19 pandemic. They are really serving the people in need. They are taking care of social distancing and every other norm which are essential for better health and keeping the society away from the deadly danger of covid 19.

They are doing different kinds of selfless services. You can find some of them listed down:

Taking care of Social distancing norms:

They are the frontline workers who are there without fear of corona to help us. They are taking care of social distancing norms and trying their best so that people can be protected from covid 19.

Daily from day till midnight working almost more than for 12 hours without thinking and about their life and patrolling and helping people all through the day is what they are known for.

Selfless Service Rendered By Police During COVID

Many sean of Police coming home and because of covid they were not able to see their children and parents and eating from outside and then again going for work, so that their families may not get contacted by coronavirus if by mistakenly they are carrying through their work.

Doing overtime for society:

Working for long hours is like in their duty schedule. Even in hot summer and cold winter, they are always on the duty of people. This can be seen during corona time also they were always in the service of the people and service of the nation.

It is said that” service of the people is the biggest service in the world”. Hence they are doing this great service for all of us. Without caring about their own self or own life.

Arranging the peace and help in society:

They are always ready to handle any violence or robbery or any kind of crime if happens in society. During the covid pandemic, the crime rate also went up hence to protect us from this uncertainly they are always there.

Providing Food and services to the poor:

When lockdown got imposed they were the ones who are providing food and shelter to the travelers or workers who because of fear took the path to their hometown. In between many people and workers got panicked because of lockdown and start to travel alone without transport to home. The police were there for their help to make them go home. Police arranged travel, food, and shelter for them so that they can to their homes safely.

Selfless Service Rendered By Police During COVID

If you want to enjoy the real joy and happiness in your life? Do one small service to the ones who are in need. If you found anyone hungry outside the road or anyone asking for help just does it. The satisfaction and self-relief and content you feel are at another level. Hence Service is considered to be one of the biggest things in the world.

Many frontline workers from Doctor, nurses, police and other who are day to day there for our help they all are superheroes hence we must respect their value and at least treat them with the respect they deserve. Corona warriors will always be remembered for their bravery in days to come because of their sacrifices for the life of others. Many have lost their lives in this pandemic serving the nations. Risking their own life for the sake of their nation or country.

Therefore, we must always respect the Police and the duty or service they are doing for us. We shouldn’t fear them thinking they are exploiters or going to do wrong with us. They are there to help us. Giving respect and getting the same back is what is equally important for the frontline workers as well. Hence support and respect them and the duty they are doing for us.

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