The Corona Warriors: Essay

The Corona Warriors: Corona pandemic spread havoc all over the world and to stop the fast spread or community spread of this Virus the most effective way is to stay away from this virus. And break the chain of its spread.

Because there is no proper cure available for this Virus. Hence social distancing is what is the best and suited method to contain this fast-spreading corona.

Various measures have been taken care to stop this pandemic from starting TV old Ramayana serials on national television to guiding people on the consequences of the deadly corona. Still, many were not following the norms. In all this, We were able to curb the corona to some extent, and in this, if we can be called some people who are really into it were the ones who we can call corona warriors.

Who are these corona worriers?

Everyone who is helping in this pandemic to each other in need and who is risking their life for the wellbeing of others and containing this corona without any return life selfless servants risking life for others. These all people are called corona worriers.

Why do we call them worriers?

Now in your mind question might have popped up, why we are calling them warriors. This is a historical term and is given only to those who are brave enough to give their life for the wellbeing of society or a greater cause.

The doctors, nurses, ward boys, pathologists, pharmacists, and their ilk all are there to help the diseased people to get cured of this deadly spreading virus. Risking their life they were always there to help the people. With the sticker norms implemented, the policemen came to the fore. Hence to provide essential services they are the ones who were at the forefront. Many started helping the stranded and wandering laborers to reach their homes. Giving food and shelters to them.

Hence we are calling them worriers because they were always risking their life for the better wellbeing of others and society.

What is their role in Corona?

If we are going to talk about the role played by corona worriers we came to realize that there are various roles they have played.
From helping to wondering workers to giving food and shelter to them. Keeping people in good mental states and helping frustrated ones to stay on positive lines.

Doctors were busy saving the lives of people with nurses and other medical staff. Teachers were busy teaching and helping out their children properly complete their studies and education although it was mostly online.

Police personals were doing them during for day and night for maintaining law and order.

Providing basic services like food, medicines, milk and keeping the crowded places safe, and maintaining peace and stability in panic situations and an environment of fear.

Farmers were engaged in producing food crops to maintain the food security and demands of the public. The government was busy doing all the works they can to help and contain this virus. So if the list goes on almost everyone contributed to this pandemic. But warriors are the ones who were at high risk and still, they were risking their lives for society and its good.

Service is among the best and most prosperous things you will ever want to get a completely satisfied life. If you serve others you can be the happiest person on this earth.

Like in Ramayan Hanumana was there to serve Lord Ram, hence these corona warriors are compared to the Lord Hanumana, who were risking life for the better good and winning well over evil.


Hence we must respect our Heros and corona warriors, as in such hectic and busy life they were at the forefront to fight this world pandemic without fearing its consequences and effects on their own life. We salute you, worriers. You made us proud.

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