Federal and Unitary Government: Differences

Federal and Unitary Government: Are you looking for the best and useful resources with tricks in PDF format on Federal and Unitary Government. Then this post is going to solve your all queries.

What is Federal Government?

A federal government, on the other hand, is one in which powers are divided between the national government and the regional governments by the Constitution itself and both operate in their respective jurisdictions independently.

US, Switzerland, Australia, Canada, Russia, Brazil, Argentina, and so on have the federal model of government.

In a federal model, the national government is known as the Federal government or the Central Government or the Union government, and the regional government is known as the state government or the provincial government.

What is Unitary Government?

By definition, a unitary government is one in which all the powers are vested in the national government, and the regional governments, if at all exist, derive their authority from the national government.

Britain, France, Japan, China, Italy, Belgium, Norway, Sweden, Spain, and so on have the unitary model of government.

Explain the difference between Federal and Unitary Governments?

Sr. No.Federal GovernmentUnitary Government
01Powers are distributed between centres and States.All powers are concentrated in one source.
02Independent Judiciary: to resolve a conflict between Centre and State.No Independent Judiciary
03Citizens obey two sets of Laws.Unitary law prevails
04The constitution is the outcome of an agreement and can only be amended by special procedures.Can be changed by own supreme authority. Not an outcome of an agreement.
05Separate legislature: at Centre and State.Supreme central legislature.
06Fear of Separation promotion of national integration.
07Unstable governmentStable government
08Diversity prevailsNo diversity
09Democratic governmentNon-democratic government
10Politically aware governmentPolitically unaware government.
11Must have written constitution.May or may not have a written constitution.
12Bicameral legislaturemay be Bicameral or Unicameral.

Below Mind, the map will help you remember the Federal Government Trick very fast.

Federal and Unitary Government
Credit Source: M. Laxmikant Polity- TMH.

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