Sanskrit Quotes on Ravan with Meaning: Best HD Wallpaper Download

Are you a Great learner and Admirer of Knowledge with extraordinary talents? Then only you are here searching for Ravana’s Quotes. Yes, every year we celebrated Ram Dahan but he was not a symbol of Evil but he was having within himself a great repository of knowledge and unique talents. He was among the top devotee of Lord Shiva.

Hence these quotes will help you, in remembering the power of ego, and hence you will learn to stay down to earth always.

We have provided some unique wallpapers of Sanskrit quotes on Ravan. You can download them and use them as your DP, wallpaper, or even can print for your photo walls.

Sanskrit Quotes on Ravan with Meaning

Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra in Sanskrit with Meaning

Source: Ramayana by Walmiki

Sanskrit Transcript:
अहो रूपमहो धैर्यमहोत्सवमहो द्युति:।
अहो राक्षसराजस्य सर्वलक्षणयुक्तता॥
Aho Rumahau Dhairyamahotsavomaho Dhyti !
Aho Rakhsarajsya Sarvalakshanyuktata !!
Hindi Translation:
रावण को देखते ही हनुमान मुग्ध हो जाते हैं और कहते हैं कि रूप, सौन्दर्य, धैर्य, कान्ति तथा सर्वलक्षणयुक्त होने पर भी यदि इस रावण में अधर्म न होता तो यह देवलोक का भी स्वामी बन जाता।
English Translation:
Seeing the Beauty of Ravana, Hanuman got amazed and said Ravana is having beauty, courage, revolutions, and all qualities but because of his ego he was not able to king of Swargaloka

Detailed Translation:

Meaning in English:

It is famously said that every person has Ram and Ravana within himself. It Is only on him to which one he controls and which too follows.

We all consider Ravana as an evil person but among all of us, there are evil habits. Ravana got defeated because of his Ego and self-centredness. But we cannot ignore the facts that Ravana was a knowledgeable person. HE was among the top devotee of Lord Shiva.

You will find details about Ravana’s knowledge and bravery in Ramayana written by Walmiki. According to Walmiki When Hanuman reached Lanks to see Sita Mata, He got amazed and attracted to the beauty of Lanka and many beautiful characteristics of the Place. And hence seeing the richness and beauty the above words were spoken by Hanumanji in the context of the Ravana.

Advice For Printing:

  1. Print it on a 250 GSM Resin Coated Art Paper for long life
  2. Also do 100-micron lamination to artwork for dust and water resistancy.
  3. Use Glassless frame with black fiber borders.(Keep as per your conenience)
  4. Have a proper hook if you want to hang.
  5. Do have Sturdy integrated back cardboard for strength and long life

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