Karna Quotes In Sanskrit with Meaning: Best HD Wallpaper Download

Karna Quotes In Sanskrit: If you are a person who always believes in learning and has worrier skills like Karna within you. You must behave confidently like Karna. They are one of the famous personalities in the Mahabharata and are known for their warrior skills and unique archery talent.

Here we have provided some Karna Quotes In Sanskrit, they will go to help you in keeping yourself stay motivated and always reminds you of your potential and life goals. Hence download them and share them with your friends who have the Karna kind of Personality.

Karna Quotes In Sanskrit with Meaning

Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra in Sanskrit with Meaning

Source: VeniSanhaar 3.37

Sanskrit transcript:

सूतो वा सूतपुत्रो वा यो वा को वा भवाम्यहम्।

दैवायत्तं कुले जन्म मदायत्तं तु पौरुषम्॥


sūto vā sūtaputro vā yo vā ko vā bhavāmyaham

daivāyattaṃ kule janma madāyattaṃ tu pauruṣam

Hindi translation:

मैं चाहे सूत हूँ या सूतपुत्र, अथवा कोई और। किसी कुल-विशेष में जन्म लेनायह तो दैव के अधीन है, लेकिन मेरे पास जो पौरुष है उसे मैने पैदा किया है॥

English translation:

Whether I am a weaver or his son, whoever or whatever I am, the birth in this family was given by my Daiva or fate. But the prowess and power I have accomplished are by my own self.

Detailed Translation:

Meaning in English:

It does not matter whether you were born rich or poor, white or black, male or female, privileged or not so privileged; what matters is what you make of the life you are given.

Suto va sut putro:
‘Suto va sut putro’ literally means weaver or his son, a common person from the society of the time. These beautiful lines are said by Karna in Venisanhaar, a play by Bhattanarayan. This play is based on events that happened in Mahabharata with a focus on Duryodhana’s life, decisions, and end. ‘Suto va sut putro’ is also a theme song for the recent tv series on Mahabharata.

What is the significance of it today?

You might say these lines are pretty old, but I am dam sure If you apply them in your life you will only then realize their true potential.

All of us are unique and born unique with unique talents only difference is that some realize it early and some don’t even realize their inner potential. Hence what you are and from where you are coming from, simply concentrate on your goal and believe in your hard work and potential.

You can achieve whatever you aspire only thing you have to believe in is first. And rest all God and universe will do for your results.

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Karna Quotes In Sanskrit

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Karna Quotes In Sanskrit
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