Sanskrit Quotes On Ocean With Meaning: Best Quotes, Wallpapers, etc.

Sanskrit Quotes On Ocean: I know you are a nature and Sanskrit lover too. In Vedic and ancient Indian culture trees are given the importance of God, different kinds of worships are also associated with the tree and Ocean. Hence many hidden slokas are delivering us the importance of the Ocean in Sanskrit. So, we have compiled some of the most famous and unique quotes, slokas on the Ocean.

We have provided some uniquely designed and deep-meaning Sanskrit Quotes On Ocean for you. You can download them for yourself from the link provided and you can keep them as your WhatsApp DP, mobile wallpaper, etc.

Sanskrit Quotes On Ocean
Sanskrit Quotes On Ocean

Sanskrit Transcript

आकाशात् पतितं तोयं यथा गच्छति सागरम् |

सर्वदेवनमस्कार: केशवं प्रति गच्छति ||


AkAshAt patitam tOyam yathA gacchati sAgaram
sarva dEva namaskArah kEshavam pratigacchatiakashat

Hindi Translation

आकाश से गिरा हुआ पानी जैसे समुद्र में जाता है, उसी प्रकार किसी भी देवता को किया गया नमस्कार श्रीहरि (श्रीकृष्ण) को जाता है॥

English Translation

Just as all the water falling from the sky goes into the sea, similarly salutations offered to all Gods go to Sri Hari (Sri Krishna).

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