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Essay on global warming in 200 words:

Global Warming is defined as any sudden increase in the temperature level of the earth beyond 1.5 degrees Celsius due to some human-induced activities. The level of Carbon dioxide gets increased as a result the ozone layer is also getting affected by the different CFCs produced because of human-induced activities.

Essay on global warming

Global warming is causing the melting of glaciers hence the immediate danger of rising ocean levels can cause several damages to the people living nearby coastal planes and their livelihood may get affected.

We cannot ignore global warming, so we must need to take some steps to keep it within control. The best method you can do to keep global warming within limited control is by planting more trees. I.e. called afforestation. Everyone should start planting at least one tree and start taking care of it till it gets adequate growth and starts taking carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

We can also try to plant trees near our home offices, school garden, etc. places. This will not only keep the temperature within control but keep the oxygen level also at a decent rate.

Hence it is the need of the hour that we should focus on this issue and help the mother earn to breathe the fresh and controlled temperature.

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