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Vegetables Name English To Hindi: I know you are looking for vegetable names in Hindi and English?

As we know knowing vegetable names is very important as we use them in our day-to-day talk. Hence If you are learning Hindi or English and want to know the names of different vegetables then this post is for you only.

In this post, we have done complete research and bring for you one of the best quality content. So, read the complete post and you can at the end get the download link of the PDF also.

The PDF of All vegetables Nemes in English-Hindi will help you get a complete understanding of the Names.

A Brief About Vegetables Name English To Hindi PDF:

Vegetables Name English To Hindi PDF
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Friends, there are many vegetables which we eat we know their names. But according to climate, the vegetables are different in different places.

Hence knowing every vegetable’s name is very difficult but in this post, we made this easy for you. We are going to give you the a to z vegetable name in English.

This vegetable name English to Hindi pdf will solve every doubts and question which are coming into your mind. More than 100 vegetable names in Hindi and English we have provided in detail here.

The PDF will help not only Adults but Children also. This is explained in a very easy and simple way so that children and students will love the PDF.

If you are a parent you can download the PDF and Take a printout of It. This will help your children improve their learning.Here we have provided the English Hindi names of Vegetables with PDF.

This is very useful for KG 1, 2, 3, etc classes. So let’s explore the vegetables and their names:

English Name of VegetableTomato (टोमेटो)
Hindi Name of Vegetableटमाटर (Tamatar)
Tomato (टोमेटो)
English Name of VegetablePotato (पोटैटो)
Hindi Name of Vegetableआलू (Aaloo)
Vegetables Name English To Hindi PDF potato

English Name of VegetableTurnip (टर्निप)
Hindi Name of Vegetableशलजम (Shaljam)

English Name of VegetableWhite Goose Foot (वाइट गूस फूट)
Hindi Name of Vegetableबथुआ (Bathuaa)
White Goose Foot

English Name of VegetableTurmeric (टर्मेरिक)
Hindi Name of Vegetableहल्दी (Haldde)

English Name of VegetableSweet Potato (स्वीट पोटैटो)
Hindi Name of Vegetableशकरकंद (Shakarkand)
Sweet potato

English Name of VegetableSpring Onion (स्प्रिंग ऑनियन), Green Onion (ग्रीन ऑनियन)
Hindi Name of Vegetableहरा प्याज, गंठा (Hara Pyaj, Gantha)
Spring Onion

English Name of VegetableSpinach (स्पिनच)
Hindi Name of Vegetableपालक (Palak)

English Name of VegetableSnake Gourd (स्नेक गार्ड)
Hindi Name of Vegetableचिचिंडा, चचेंडा (Chichinda, Chachenda)
Snake guard

English Name of VegetablePumpkin (पम्पकिन)
Hindi Name of Vegetableघिया, कद्दू (Ghiya, Kaddu)

English Name of VegetableGarlic (गार्लिक)
Hindi Name of Vegetableलहशुन (Lahshun)

English Name of VegetableFenugreek Leaf (फेनुग्रीक लीफ)
Hindi Name of Vegetableहरी मेथी (Haree Methi)
Fenugreek Leaf (फेनुग्रीक लीफ)

English Name of VegetableGinger (जिंजर)
Hindi Name of Vegetableअदरक (Adarak)
Ginger (जिंजर)

English Name of VegetableGreen Chilli (ग्रीन चिल्ली)
Hindi Name of Vegetableहरी मिर्च (Haree Mirch)
Green Chilli (ग्रीन चिल्ली)

English Name of VegetableGreen Beans (ग्रीन बीन्स)
Hindi Name of Vegetableहरी शेम, शेम के फली (Haree Shem, Shem ki fali)
Green Beans (ग्रीन बीन्स)

English Name of VegetableRadish (रेडिस)
Hindi Name of Vegetableमूली (Mooli)
Radish (रेडिस)

English Name of VegetableJackfruit (जैकफ्रूट)
Hindi Name of Vegetableकटहल (Kathal)
Jackfruit (जैकफ्रूट)

English Name of VegetableLady Finger (लेडी फिंगर)
Hindi Name of Vegetableभिन्डी (Bhindee)
Lady Finger (लेडी फिंगर)

English Name of VegetableMushroom (मशरूम)
Hindi Name of Vegetableकुम्भी, खुखड़ी (Kumbhi, Khukhdi)
Mushroom (मशरूम)

English Name of VegetableMaize (माईज)
Hindi Name of Vegetableमक्का (Makka)
Maize (माईज)

English Name of VegetableNatal Plum (नेटल पल्म)
Hindi Name of Vegetableकरुन्दा (Karunda)
Natal Plum (नेटल पल्म)

English Name of VegetableMustard Greens (मस्टर्ड ग्रीन्स)
Hindi Name of Vegetableसरशो पत्ता (Sarsho patta)
Mustard Greens (मस्टर्ड ग्रीन्स)

English Name of VegetablePointed Gourd (पॉइंटेड गार्ड)
Hindi Name of Vegetableपरवल, पटल (Parwal, Patal)
Pointed Gourd (पॉइंटेड गार्ड)
English Name of VegetablePeppermint (पेपरमिंट)
Hindi Name of Vegetableपुदीना (Pudina)
Peppermint (पेपरमिंट)

English Name of VegetableRidged Gourd (रिज्ड गार्ड)
Hindi Name of Vegetableतोरी, झींगी (Tori, Jhingi)
Ridged Gourd (रिज्ड गार्ड)

English Name of VegetableRed Chilli (रेड चिल्ली)
Hindi Name of Vegetableलाल मिर्च (Lal Mirch)
Red Chilli (रेड चिल्ली)

English Name of VegetablePeas (पीज)
Hindi Name of Vegetableमटर (Matar)
Peas (पीज)

English Name of VegetableCurry Leaf (करी लीफ)
Hindi Name of Vegetableकढ़ी पत्ता (Kadhi patta)
Curry Leaf (करी लीफ)

English Name of VegetableCucumber (कुकुम्बर)
Hindi Name of Vegetableखीरा (Kheera)
Cucumber (कुकुम्बर)

English Name of VegetableCorn (कॉर्न)
Hindi Name of Vegetableमक्का (Makka)

English Name of VegetableCoriander Leaf (कोरीएंडर  लीफ)
Hindi Name of Vegetableहरा धनिया पत्ता (Hara dhaniya patta)
Coriander Leaf (कोरीएंडर  लीफ)

English Name of VegetableCluster Beans (क्लस्टर बीन्स)
Hindi Name of Vegetableगवार फली (Gwaar Fali)
Cluster Beans (क्लस्टर बीन्स)

English Name of VegetableChilli (चिल्ली)
Hindi Name of Vegetableमिर्च (Mirch)
Chilli (चिल्ली)

English Name of VegetableChickpeas, Gram (चिकपीस, ग्राम)
Hindi Name of Vegetableचना (Channa)
Chickpeas, Gram (चिकपीस, ग्राम)

English Name of VegetableCelery (सेलरी)
Hindi Name of Vegetableआजमोदा (Aajmoda)
Celery (सेलरी)

English Name of VegetableCauliflower (कॉलीफ्लॉवर)
Hindi Name of Vegetableफूल गोभी (Phool Gobhi)
Cauliflower (कॉलीफ्लॉवर)

English Name of VegetableCarrot (कैरट)
Hindi Name of Vegetableगाजर (Gajar)

English Name of VegetableCapsicum (कैप्सिकम)
Hindi Name of Vegetableशिमला मिर्च (Shimla Mirch)
Capsicum (कैप्सिकम)

English Name of VegetableCabbage (कैबेज)
Hindi Name of Vegetableपत्ता गोभी (Patta Gobhi)
Cabbage (कैबेज)

English Name of VegetableBrinjal (ब्रिंजल)
Hindi Name of Vegetableबैगन (Baigan)
Brinjal (ब्रिंजल)

English Name of VegetableBottle Gourd (बोटल गार्ड)l (ब्रिंजल)
Hindi Name of Vegetableलौकी, कद्दू, घिया (Lauki, Ghiya, Kaddu)
Bottle Gourd (बोटल गार्ड)l (ब्रिंजल)

English Name of VegetableBlack Pepper (ब्लैक पीपर)
Hindi Name of Vegetableकाली मिर्च (Kali Mirch)
Black Pepper (ब्लैक पीपर)

English Name of VegetableBitter Gourd (बिटर गार्ड)
Hindi Name of Vegetableकरेला (Karela)
Bitter Gourd (बिटर गार्ड)

English Name of VegetableBell Pepper (बेल पीपर)
Hindi Name of Vegetableशिमला मिर्च (Shimla mirch)
Bell Pepper (बेल पीपर)

English Name of VegetableBeetroot (बीटरूट)
Hindi Name of Vegetableचकुंदर (Chakundar)
Beetroot (बीटरूट)

English Name of VegetableAubergine (औवेरजिन)
Hindi Name of Vegetableबैगन (Baigan)
Aubergine (औवेरजिन)

English Name of VegetableArtichoke (आरटीचोक)
Hindi Name of Vegetableब्रांगी, हाथी चक (Brangi, Hathi chak)
Artichoke (आरटीचोक)

English Name of VegetableArrowroot (अरोरूट)
Hindi Name of Vegetableअरारोट, शिशुमुल (Arrarot, shishumul)
Arrowroot (अरोरूट)

English Name of VegetableAmaranth (एमरंथ)
Hindi Name of Vegetableचौराई की सब्जी (Chaurai Ki Sabji)
Amaranth (एमरंथ)

English Name of VegetableFava Beans (फवा  बीन्स)
Hindi Name of Vegetableबाकला, शेम फली (Bakla, Shem fali)
Fava Beans (फवा  बीन्स)

English Name of VegetableEggplant (एगप्लांट)
Hindi Name of Vegetableबैगन (Baigan)
Eggplant (एगप्लांट)

English Name of VegetableWhite Eggplant (वाइट एगप्लांट)
Hindi Name of Vegetableसफ़ेद बैगन (Safed Baigan)
White Eggplant (वाइट एगप्लांट)

English Name of VegetableTendli (तेंडली)
Hindi Name of Vegetableकुंदरू (Kundaru)
Tendli (तेंडली)

English Name of VegetableColocasia, Taro root (कोलोकसिया, तरोरूट)
Hindi Name of Vegetableकांदु, कचालू, कांदा (kandu, kachalu, kanda)
Colocasia, Taro root (कोलोकसिया, तरोरूट)

English Name of VegetableRed cabbage (रेड कैबेज)
Hindi Name of Vegetableलाल पत्तागोभी (Lal PattaGobhi)
Red cabbage (रेड कैबेज)

English Name of VegetableRaw Papaya (रॉ पपाया)
Hindi Name of Vegetableकच्चा पपीता (Kacha Papita)
Raw Papaya (रॉ पपाया)

English Name of VegetableRaw Banana (रॉ बनाना)
Hindi Name of Vegetableकच्चा केला (Kacha kela)
Raw Banana (रॉ बनाना)

English Name of VegetableRaw Banana Flower (रॉ बनाना फ्लावर)
Hindi Name of Vegetableकेले का फूल (Kele ka phool)
Raw Banana Flower (रॉ बनाना फ्लावर)

English Name of VegetableMouse Melon (माउस मेलोंन)
Hindi Name of Vegetableकचरी (Kachri)
Mouse Melon (माउस मेलोंन)

English Name of VegetableKohlrabi (कॉलराबी )
Hindi Name of Vegetableगांठ गोभी (Ganth Gobhi)
Kohlrabi (कॉलराबी )

English Name of VegetableKidney beans (किडनी बीन्स)
Hindi Name of Vegetableराजमा (Rajma)
Kidney beans (किडनी बीन्स)

English Name of VegetableIndian Gooseberry  (इंडियन गूस्बेर्री )
Hindi Name of Vegetableआंवला (Aawla)
Indian Gooseberry  (इंडियन गूस्बेर्री )

English Name of VegetableFennel (फेंनेल)
Hindi Name of Vegetableहरा सोया (Hara Soya)
Fennel (फेंनेल)

English Name of VegetableElephant foot yam (एलीफैंट फूट याम)
Hindi Name of Vegetableजिमीकंद (Jimikand)
Elephant foot yam (एलीफैंट फूट याम)

English Name of VegetableDrumstick (ड्रमस्टिक)
Hindi Name of Vegetableमोरिंगा, मूंगा (Moringa, Munga)
Drumstick (ड्रमस्टिक)

English Name of VegetableCucumis Utilissimus (कुक्मिसयूटीलिस्सिमुस)
Hindi Name of Vegetableककड़ी (Kakri)
Cucumis Utilissimus (कुक्मिसयूटीलिस्सिमुस)

English Name of VegetableBroccoli (ब्रोकोली)
Hindi Name of Vegetableहरी गोभी (hari gobi)
Broccoli (ब्रोकोली)

English Name of VegetableBamboo shoots (बम्बू शूट)
Hindi Name of Vegetableबांश के कोपले, करील (Bansh ke kople, Karil)
Bamboo shoots (बम्बू शूट)

English Name of VegetableAsh Gourd (अश गार्ड)
Hindi Name of Vegetableपेठा (Petha)
Ash Gourd (अश गार्ड)

English Name of VegetableApple Gourd (एप्पल गार्ड)
Hindi Name of Vegetableटिंडा (Tinda)
Apple Gourd (एप्पल गार्ड)

English Name of VegetableAmaranth Leaves (अमरंथ लीव्स)
Hindi Name of Vegetableहरी चोलाई (Hari Cholai)
Amaranth Leaves (अमरंथ लीव्स)

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