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Tricks To Remember Biosphere Reserves In India

Tricks To Remember Biosphere Reserves In India

Tricks To Remember Biosphere Reserves In India: Biosphere reserves are one of the most important parts of any exam. Therefore studying and remembering them in the actual exam is very important. It is sometimes very difficult to remember them exactly states.

Therefore, we have brought you some of the best and easiest tricks to remember the biosphere reserve in a very precise and accurate manner. Hence you have to keep reading and revising this thing for some days and we guarantee that you will remember them within some days. Just have faith.

Here are the most basic and common tricks: which is Devised by Dr. Roman Saini of Unacademic. Credit to him.

Here are the Tricks To Remember Biosphere Reserves

Here is how it goes:

Aruna Didi simple si odhni pehnke DIAS pe chadhgai. Major Badal(Meghraj) ki awaj crack ho gyi. Aesi Andhi chali ki MAT pucho. Man se program ki AAS uth gyi.

Aruna DIDI: Dihang Dibang, Arunachal Pradesh

·       Simple si odhni: Simplipal, Odisha

·       DIAS: Dibru Saikhowa, Assam

·       Major Badal(Megh) ki awaj creack(kreck-:nokrek): Nokrek, Meghalaya

·       Andhi chali: Sesachalam, Andhra Pradesh

·       MAT pucho: M means Gulf of Mannar, A means Agasthmalai, T means Tamil Nadu. They both are in Tamil Nadu.

·       AAS: Manas, Assam

Some obvious that does not require a trick. These can be learned just by seeing.

  • Nanda Devi-Uttrakhand
  • Sunderbans-WestBengal
  • Great Nicobar-Andaman&Nicobar
  • Great Runn of Kutch-Gujrat
  • Cold Desert Biosphere reserve-Himachal Pradesh

Only two Biosphere reserves you need to remember-:

·       Panchamarhi-Madhya Pradesh

·       Achanakmar Amarkantak-Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh

That’s it, finally, you are done with the long list of biosphere reserves by our trick. To learn the amazing trick to remember a list of Ramsar sites in India

In the given below Map you can find out the exact location of the biosphere reserve.

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