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The Hindu Epaper PDF: If you are an aspirant who is preparing for the competitive examination you must read the newspaper. And if you want to read a newspaper you must know which to read and which not to. Hence Read the Hindu Epaper pdf for your exam.

Introduction: The Hindu Epaper PDF

Nowadays this is very confusing for most students while selecting the newspaper to read. Many suggest the Hindu many Suggest Indian Express and many Times of India. And hence in that many students got confused and which to read.

Hence we are going to take care of this problem.

We will help in this for you to get the best epaper to the read.

And our suggestion will be to read the Hindu newspaper. Just keep on reading you will get the result soon.

Here we are going to provide you the Hindu newspaper pdf today download free.

Many students are also searching for the Hindu pdf google drive. Hence no need to worry we have compiled here drive month-wise and date wise.

Many students were asking the link for the Hindu epaper pdf telegram channel. Everything will be solved here don’t worry about that.

Also, we will provide you the Hindu ad-free pdf for free. Completely with exact exam orientated information only.

the Hindu national newspaper today

Many students are just reading the Hindu editorial section only as they want to improve their reading skills or they are mostly preparing for exams like banking or CAT etc.

Some history about the Hindu group:The Hindu Epaper PDF

The Hindu was founded in Madras on 20 September 1878 as a weekly newspaper, by what was known then as the Triplicane Six consisting of 4 law students and 2 teachers:- T. T. Rangacharya, P. V. Rangacharya, D. Kesava Rao Pantulu, and N. Subba Rao Pantulu, led by G. Subramania Iyer (a school teacher from Tanjore district) and M. Veeraraghavacharyar, a lecturer at Pachaiyappa’s College.

Started in order to support the campaign of Sir T. Muthuswamy Iyer for a judgeship at the Madras High Court and to counter the propaganda against him carried out by the Anglo-Indian press, The Hindu was one of the newspapers of the period established to protest the policies of the British Raj.

About 100 copies of the inaugural issue were printed at Srinidhi Press, Georgetown, on one rupee, and twelve annas of borrowed money. Subramania Iyer became the first editor and Veera Raghavacharya, the first managing director of the newspaper


The most asked question on Quora is how to download newspapers in pdf format. So don’t worry we are going to help you in this case. As you can visit regularly to get exactly what is needed for your exam that will only be provided here.

Many students are asking for the Hindu newspaper pdf today in Hindi. Friends, we will suggest you try to read it in English only as English is nowadays is almost there in every examination paper.

Hence this will increase your vocabulary and help you to gain confidence as well.

Why you must read the Hindu epaper PDF

Answering this can be from a different perspective. As this question has broader things to say about.

From vocabulary to the favorite of UPSC paper setter there are many names given to this paper.

This is the best and most exam-oriented paper where only the related facts and important data is found. With some genuine and original manner. Avoiding unnecessary fake news.

There are many epaper in the market like the Indian Express, Hindustan Times, Eenadu, Amar Ujala, Jagran etc.

We are providing the official links so that you can get navigated to the official site.

January 2020: The Hindu Epaper PDF Download

DateDownload Links
01/01/2021Download PDF
02/01/2021Download PDF
03/01/2021Download PDF
04/01/2021Download PDF
05/01/2021Download PDF
06/01/2021Download PDF
07/01/2021Download PDF
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09/01/2021Download PDF
10/01/2021Download PDF
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12/01/2021Download PDF
13/01/2021Download PDF
14/01/2021Download PDF
15/01/2021Download PDF
16/01/2021Download PDF
17/01/2021Download PDF
18/01/2021Download PDF
19/01/2021Download PDF
20/01/2021Download PDF
21/01/2021Download PDF
22/01/2021Download PDF
23/01/2021Download PDF
24/01/2021Download PDF
25/01/2021Download PDF
26/01/2021Download PDF
27/01/2021Download PDF

How do I download the Hindu newspaper PDF?

Here are some simple tips you can use to get it. Either subscribe to its epaper version and read it or just download the section we have to provide and explore the news in compiled form for free.

Also reading the toughest language of the paper will make you quite strong in this field.

Dear friends, are you looking for the Hindu newspaper, then this is the best place for you to give you the best-handwritten notes which are useful for various competitive examinations.

Hence Explore them and Enjoy the learning process. Adding to that, it saves your time and effort.

We are doing all efforts to get the handwritten notes packed for you in the best possible way format and giving you it for downloading.

How do I Make Self-Notes effectively from Hindu Newspaper for IAS exam?

This question might have come to your mind as well. If yes then you are on the right place to get the best answer for this question.

During my preparation time I was also having the same doubt or question as to how do I read paper? epaper or Hard copy? and how do I makes notes out of it.

Se making notes is very simple and easy process.

it has two parts either you can make the handwritten notes or you can use the online methods.

There are pros and cons of both the methods.

Online Method:

Pros: If you are a person who loves reading the news or books in an epaper or paperless format then you are the right candidate for using this technique.

This technique will help you save your most time while making notes.

you can find the sample notes here:

The Hindu epaper English notes

You can just subscribe to The Hindu epaper from the official site and after that, you can highlight the pages and take a screenshot of the pages or write down the crisp notes in your own hand in the Apps like Evernote or Microsoft notes, etc. whichever you prefer suits your style.

Talking about its cons: It will reduce your handwriting method. or you will get less writing practice.

You can also get the eye pain and continuous reading on the screen is not adopted by most aspirants.

Offline Method:

Pros: This method has its own advantages. This will help you improve your writing speed and hence you can improve your handwriting as well. Also, you will understand the context of things. Also, you can make concise notes with your hands.

Sample notes can be like this:

The Hindu epaper pdf notes

Cons: Too bulky notes and too much to store and take revision. Sometimes seeing you can get feared also seeing such huge notes.

Do you think that “The Hindu” newspaper is biased?

No, we just reading by one person or other views cannot predict or comment on the credibility of the Newspaper. In my opinion, The Hindu newspaper is not biased.

The Hindu is the best and most-read newspaper in India, also it is one of the most loved newspapers of the UPSC aspirants as well as paper setters as well.

There are direct questions that come from these papers, considering the competitive exam you must and should read it.

Answering your question about baseness, see every person have their own views. Hence if you read the editorial section you will find such biases ness in the writers as they have freedom of expression and how can a person be like what you think he will be like you only.

He might have different views or perspectives no person on the earth is equal. hence they write their own way hence giving them a branding of biases ness is really sad.

We should criticize the writer but should blame baseless claims on a reputed newspaper like The Hindu this is what I think.

your view might differ, but I think we nowadays just are oriented towards a particular ideology or views hence when anyone writes and that content is against our ideology we think that it is useless. or not of my use or lost credibility and all.

Hence be wise and do proper reattach and then only claim anything as you have decided to read any newspaper you should have that acceptability and readability to read anything or anybody’s views with independence and rational mind.

Why do UPSC aspirants prefer The Hindu newspaper?

There are many reasons for it. the prime reason is UPSC loves The Hindu newspaper or the paper setter at least prefer The Hindu only to explore it.

Hence you will find many direct questions from The Hindu epaper also.

The newspaper is reputed and has a long history of its credibility and authenticity.

This is most read newspaper in the English language and hence has wider readers base as well as wider writers also with a worldly perspective or views.

you can agree to disagree with them but they are there.

The Hindu has proved every time that it will produce the best quality and best and accurate news for you. it has advertisements as well but it never compromises on user experience and its readers.

Hence you can read The Hindu as most UPSC aspirants do read it. If you want to stay in the competition you have to read it there is no other option.

How can I read the “THE HINDU” newspaper online?

You can just subscribe The Hindu epaper online through officially site. this is the first step. Don’t do mistakes like free downloading and reading.

You can read that epaper pdf section on your laptop also there is software that provide you the equipment by which you can highlight the stuff or make notes out of it.

We will suggest you use the Evernote and just write down the import key highlight and explore the best notes for you as it will save your time during revision times of yours.

Cover only the relevant news for your exam orientation level.

Avoid any political or sport news if you are specially preparing for UPSC.

Just read the front page, last page, and editorial and international and environmental and economy-related news which is relevant for your examination. avoid going through each and every section and details of the paper as it will have poor cost-benefit ration.

ultimately our aim is to reduce the time to read The Hindu epaper. hence you can save your time by reading what is relevant.


“It is very important rather than what to read what not to”

Nowadays there are many sites they will give you free The Hindu pdf. but we don’t recommend that as they are having their revenue loss. and it is like copyright content of them.

Hence piracy should be banned hence we will recommend you go to their official site and subscribe to their epaper it will hardly cost you a Rs. 800 for a whole year and enjoy the best quality.

What is wrong with “The Hindu” Epaper pdf?

There is no wrong with it if you find this question you are also in dilemma as to who asked and why such questions. Yes, it depends on the readers who read The Hindu.

Not everyone likes the views written on the epaper. right hence there is nothing wrong in The Hindu it just that our perspective has changed towards the views expressed by the writers.

How do I read the Hindu epaper for UPSC CSE?

There are different approaches depending whether you read it online or offline paper.

You can just first glance through the epaper and then highlight the important news which is relevant at first glance and then you can read it in detail.

Also you can use highlighter and high light the content.

Adding to that you can use Evernote like apps and write a crisp summary of the important article you read. hence use it for later revision techniques.

Do you love reading the epaper of Hindu and want to download the Hindu epaper here we will be with you to help you get that?

We are going to explore all the sections of the Hindu newspaper download method and process. Also, we are going to add the Hindu editorial pdf free download today for free.

Which is made by our expert’s faculty by ransacking all the available newspaper and their notes.

One of the most famous queries we were getting was that of the Hindu pdf download how can we do it. hence no need to worry while preparation we are standardizing your efforts and helping your desired result.

Are you still worried about The Hindu download pdf, don’t worry we have something amazing for you to explore for you?

One of the most common questions asked by aspirants is: How do I read The Hindu for IAS preparation?

The answer is very simple you can just try reading it slowly, as it is a gradual process you will develop the reading and comprehensive ability slowly.

Just read it and try to find out the difficult words meaning using any dictionary for help. Continue this practice for two to three months and you will slowly get your reading and understanding level increase to what UPSC desire to be.

IMP NOTE: we neither created this pdf content nor own it. We are just sharing what was there on the internet for educational purposes only. Hence If you found any copyright claims you can email us at Please cooperate it may take some time so be patient for getting an immediate reply. provides you the best free material hence keep us adding at the favorite list.

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