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Sanskrit is among the oldest language in the world. And it has great repositories of original knowledge which is yet not fully explored. If you are among the one who loves to explore different languages and culture then this post is specially made for you.

Find here some of the uniquely crafted and deep-meaning Sanskrit quotes on Knowledge. They are in HD PNG and Printable PDF forms so that you can download them and can use them as mobile walls or print for your study room or home.

Sanskrit Quotes On Knowledge:

Sanskrit Quotes On Knowledge 01


अन्नदानं परं दानं विद्यादानमतः परम् ।
अन्नेन क्षणिका तृप्ति र्यावज्जीवं च विद्यया ॥

Meaning in English

In this beautiful Subhashita, the poet writes about the difference between food and knowledge. Even the provided food is of great importance, but the knowledge that we acquire is even more important. While the food lasts for a few moments until we are hungry again, the skill or knowledge that we acquire takes the responsibility of taking care of us for our entire life.

The knowledge lets us earn the bread and butter for ourselves by taking care of us throughout.

The second Sloka goes like this:

Sanskrit Quotes On Knowledge 02

विद्या ददाति विनयं विनयात् याति पात्रताम्।
पात्रत्वाद्धनमाप्नोति धनाद्धर्मं ततः सुखम्॥


vidyā dadāti vinayaṁ vinayād yāti pātratām|
pātratvāddhanamāpnoti dhanāddharmaṁ tataḥ sukham||

Meaning in English

Knowledge gives humility, from humility, one attains character; From character, one acquires wealth; from wealth, good deeds (righteousness) follow, and then happiness.

The Third Sloka goes like this:

Sanskrit Quotes On Knowledge 03

व्यसनानि संति बहुनि व्यसने व्यसनैव केवलम् व्यसनम्
विद्याभ्यसनम् व्यसनम् अथवा हरीपादसेवनम् व्यसनम् ।
विद्या विवादाय धनम् मदाय शक्ति परेषाम् परपीडनाय
खलस्य साधोर्विपरीतम् एतत् ज्ञानाय दानाय च रक्षणाय ।

Meaning in English

Using knowledge for (needless) arguments, money to abuse power, and strength to harm others – that is the difference between a bad person and the good person. The latter uses those for gaining knowledge, donating, and protecting (the weak ones).

Vidya is knowledge or skill. That knowledge leads to humbleness, humbleness attains worthiness, and from that comes wealth, and from wealth (we start doing) good deeds, and from that (we are in the constant process of experiencing) joy.

Source: Hitopadesha

Here is another Sloka on Knowledge.

Sanskrit Quotes On Knowledge 04

न चोरहार्य न च राजहार्य न भ्रातृभाज्यं न च भारकारि
व्यये कृते वर्धत एव नित्यं विद्याधनं सर्वधनात्प्रधानम

Meaning in English

What is that which cannot be stolen by thieves nor taken away by kings nor shared between/among brothers nor is it heavy on the shoulders to carry? I spent well, Always keeps growing. The wealth of knowledge is the most superior wealth!

Here is one thing i.e. teaching is most importantly focused because for teaching to anyone you need to have a proper clarity of thoughts and understanding, hence you prepare anything in a way you are going to teach it to the student of even class 5 that he can understand. Hence real learning is when you understood something and you are in a position to explain it to someone in a clear and simplistic way. Hence sharing and teaching knowledge is the thing which is going to increase only.


If you want to attain a joyful state of mind, then knowledge is an essential part of it. Without this, you cannot be in a good state of mind. The goal of human life is to be situated in a blissful state of mind when with anyone or alone.

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