Pirpur Report (Day of Deliverance)

Pirpur Report (Day of Deliverance)

Brief Overview:

The Day was celebrated on the resignation of all the members of the rival Congress party from the provincial and central offices. Why because of the protest by them of not having consulted over the decision to enter world war II alongside Britain.

Muslim league tried to bring light to the grievance of Muslim and Muslim groups in Indian states run by the Congress government.

Hence their efforts led to the “Pirpur Report: 1938”

Pirpur Report
  • The Report highlighted the atrocities committed by congress ministries.
  • The report documented Pro Hindu and Anti Muslim bias under the congress government.
  • Indian National Congress was angered over the declaration of war with Nazi Germany on 3rd Sept 1939 without prior consultation with Indians.
  • Congress working committee suggested that they would cooperate conditions is that if these were central Indian National government formed commitment made to the Indian’s Independence after that war.
  • The Muslim league: Promised its support to the British while asking Viceroy for increased protection for Muslims.
  • Both Viceroy Linlithgow and Jinnah were pleased with their resignations.

Jinnah’s appeal: On 2 Dec 1939, Jinnah call out an appeal calling for Indian Muslims to celebrate 22 Dec 1939 as a day of Deliverance from congress.

Congres’s reaction: Congress criticized it stating its divisive nature.

Nehru exchanged several letters with Jinnah between 9 to 14 Dec 1939 but the discussions failed because Nehru refused to dissociate congress from Indian Muslim unaffiliates with Muslim League.

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