Home Price List Philips Solar Street Light Price List In India PDF Download

Philips Solar Street Light Price List In India PDF Download

Philips Solar Street Light Price List In India PDF Download

Philips Solar Street Light Price List In India: Philips is among the topmost brands in Solar Street light production. It is one of the best and authentic, cost-effective producers of Solar Street lights in the world.

If you are looking for Philips solar street light price list in India in PDF format then you are in the right place to be. We are going to provide you the latest and authentic, updated price list of the Philips Solar Street light in high-quality PDF formats.

So, before you download the Solar Street light Pricelist PDF. You can go through the following important additional information which will be helpful to you in your knowledge about how to implement and use the Solar Street lights.

Here is a brief about Philips India

The company is almost an 8 decade old. It operates in different segments for example lighting, healthcare, and consumer lifestyle.

Philips has world-class facilities at its center @Mohali and Vadodara for CFL and GLS manufacturing.

Hence after knowing some basics things about Philips and its Indian brands. You can also read more about why it is nowadays a requirement to have Solar lighting? What is the demand for it in the world and all over India? Every question about this will be answered here.

Why India Needs Solar Lighting?

India comes in tropical regions where solar light is almost available for a whole year. Here are some key points why India should adopt solar lighting.

  • It is estimated that for 300 days India has clear sunshine.
  • India has an established technological innovation going on.
  • There is no cable cost and no transformers are required.
  • Maintenance is almost zero required.

So, it is advisable and the future of India lies in Solar lighting.

Why does India need off-grid solutions?

There are some basic reasons why India Need Off-grid solutions, Some of them are listed down below:

More than 40% of the plus population has no energy or little energy access.
There is a peak energy shortage of more than 13% in 2010-2011.

The gross electricity generation in the country during 2011-12 “up to February 2012) including imports from Bhutan was 798.9 Billion Units.

After understanding the current need for grid solutions. We can have a look at some problems which India is facing regarding solar lighting. Here is more to come.

What Are The Problems In Current Solar Lighting?

Although many problems are recently now addressed but with the changing time new issues may arise, here are some of them:

People have very little basic understanding and knowledge about Solar and LED technology.

  • Still, in Many houses, CFL is the only dominant light.
  • Poor quality of Local Solar devices solutions available.
  • Highly damaged and failed products in the Markets.
  • Over design or under design.
  • Inefficiency with more power consumption.
  • Lack of standards and tests.

After you understand the problems in current Solar lighting systems we would like to let you know some of the advantages of Philips Solar Lighting Systems.

Advantages of Philips Solar Lighting System Offering

  1. LED Solar Street Light with MPPT controller
  2. Solar Panel
  3. Battery
  4. Battery Box
  5. Galvanised Pole
  6. Pole fixing piece

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A Brief About Parcos Switches Price List PDF

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Here is Philips Solar Street Light Price List PDF

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