Home Worksheets 1st Grade Number Charts and Counting Worksheets PDF Download

1st Grade Number Charts and Counting Worksheets PDF Download

1st Grade Number Charts and Counting Worksheets PDF Download

Number charts and counting worksheets: Here you will find all the different worksheets which are specially made to improve the math skills of your children.

This Number charts and counting worksheets will help kids learn to count in both forward and backward directions. They will also learn to practice the basic skill of writing numbers.

Numbers as words

Match numbers with their words

Counting using objects or pictures

Circle several objects (1-10, 1-20)
Count objects and write the number (1-20)

Counting Practice

Counting 1-20
Counting 1-30
Counting 1-50
Counting practice example
Counting practice: “before” and “after” 3 __ 5
Counting by 2’s
Counting by 5’s
Counting by 10’s

Number charts

Number chart from 1 to 100 ( full / empty)
Number Charts: counting by ones
Number charts: counting by twos (even, odd)
Number charts: counting by 3’s
Number charts: counting by 4’s
Number charts: counting by 5’s
Number charts: counting by 10’s

Counting backward

Count backwards from 100 to 0 100, 99, _ , 97, _ ,
Count backwards by 2s 100, 98, _ , 94, _ ,
Count backwards by 5s 100, 95, _ , 85, _ ,
Identify even vs. odd numbers
Even vs odd worksheets even-vs-odd-example

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