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National Park – River In India: If you are searching for National Park and rivers in India.

Here is what you can get, in this PDF complete details about the National Parks and Rivers in India for Free.

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National Park – River In India: state-wise National Parks in India and the rivers associated with that National Parks.

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So why it is now a day the importance of National park is getting so much and so that they are asking almost in every exam about the national parks and rivers associated with it.

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Hence they are now moving towards a specific type of question and especially they are asking the match the following type of questions which you can easily get into.

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Arunachal Pradesh (2)

  • Mouling national park – siyom river (joins dibang meets the Brahmaputra)
    flows along the western fringes of the park and several small rivers such
    as siring, krobong, semong and subong drain into the Siang river near
    the eastern boundary of the park
  • Namdapha national park – noa dihing, a tributary of Brahmaputra

Assam (5)

  • Dibru saikhowa national park – brahmaputra and lohit rivers in the north and dibru river in the south
  • Orang national park- brahmaputra
  • Nameri national park – jia bhoroli, tributary of brahmaputra
  • Kaziranga national park – brahmaputra
  • Manas national park – manas, tributary of brahmaputra

Bihar (1)

  • Valmiki national park – river Gandaki forms the western boundary.
  • River Bandai flows into Bihar from Nepal in the eastern end of the sanctuary

Chhattisgarh (2)

  • Kanger ghati national park – Kolab river
  • Indravati national park – indravati river, a tributary of the Godavari river

Himachal Pradesh (2)

Pin valley national park – pin river
Great Himalayan national park – tirtha, a tributary of Beas river

Jammu and Kashmir (1)

Kishtwar national park – bounded to the north by rinnay river, south by Kibar Nala catchment, east by the main divide of great Himalaya and west by Marwa river which joins Chenab

Karnataka (1)

Bhadra wildlife sanctuary – bhadra river, tributary of tungabhadra

Kerala (1)

Silent valley national park -kuntipuzha, tributary of the bharathapuzha

Mizoram (1)

Morlen national park – tuipui

Meghalaya (2)

Nokrek national park – simsang
Balphakram national park – goneshwari

Madhya Pradesh (2)
Panna national park – ken, a tributary of yamuna
Pench national park – bench, a tributary of the river kanban which joins
the wananga in the Godavari basin

Uttarakhand (2)

Gangotri national park – Bhagirathi river, joins Alaknanda river, a tributary
of the ganges
Jim Corbett national park – Ramganga, a tributary of Ganga

West Bengal (5)

Neora valley national park – neora river
Buxa tiger reserve- raidak and jayanti river, tributaries of brahmaputra
Jaldapara national park – torsa river, joins kaljani and meets
Gorumara national park – flood plains of the Murti River and raidak river.
The major river of the park is the jaldhaka river, a tributary of the
Brahmaputra river system. Gorumara is a significant watershed area
between the Ganges and Brahmaputra river systems
Sundarbans national park – Meghna river

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