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Mandar Patki’s Notes UPSC (AIR 22 CSE 2019) PDF

Mandar Patki’s Notes UPSC (AIR 22 CSE 2019) PDF

Mandar Patki’s Notes UPSC: Please find below the Mandar Patki’s Notes for UPSC Exam. He is Air 22 in 2019. In his first attempt, he was able to achieve this Rank.

Mandar Patki's Notes UPSC


  1. ‘Polity Final’ pdf includes notes of M. Laxmikanth in short
  2. Other pdfs includes charts for constitutional bodies, statutory bodies and other bodies
Sr. No.ParticularsDownload Link
01Polity Complete NotesDownload Here
02Constitutional BodiesDownload Here
03Other BodiesDownload Here
04Statutory BodiesDownload Here

Also Find: Kanishak Kataria’s Vajiram Class Notes


  1. These are very specific notes about rivers, soil types, forests etc. So use them to supplement your notes and knowledge
Sr. No.ParticularsDownload Link
01Rivers-01Download Here
02Census-2011Download Here
03ForestsDownload Here
04StatesDownload Here
05SoilsDownload Here
06MapsDownload Here
07Rivers-02Download Here
08Rock SystemDownload Here
09Combine Geography NotesDownload Here


  1. Ancient History pdf includes notes from Old Ncert. This is very descriptive pdf, thus those who have not read old ncert can refer this pdf
  2. Medieval History pdf includes very short notes for medieval part from New ncert
  3. Art and Culture pdf includes Very descriptive notes for art and culture. Thus students are advised to supplement theri notes from this pdf, to add any new information
  4. Modern India pdf consist of short notes from Book Spectrum. I have also added supplementary information regarding important topics, personalities, organization and events. Thus utilize this pdf to bridge your information gap regarding modern history.
  5. There is pdf of previous year question of modern history.
Sr. No.ParticularsDownload Link
01Modern Indian HistoryDownload Here
02Art and CultureDownload Here
03Ancient HistoryDownload Here
04Medieval HistoryDownload Here
05Modern History Previous Yrs Ques.Download Here
06World Heritage SitesDownload Here


  1. Sriram final pdf includes my detailed notes on core economics from resources like Sriram, arthapedia, internet and sankarganesh. The notes are quiet extensive amd can be used as fodder material for prelims.
  2. Arthapedia is good site for some concepts in economics. I have attached pdf of some of my notes from arthapedia on some important topics.
  3. I have attached Current Affairs notes for Economics for year 2019-20
Sr. No.ParticularsDownload Link
01SchemesDownload Here
02Sriram NotesDownload Here
03Current AffairsDownload Here
04Arthepedia NotesDownload Here


My environment notes are quiet extensive due to importance of environment subject in preliminary examination.

  1. Following pdfs are topic wise notes from Shankarias notes. I have supplemented it with online information and test series knowledge.
  2. There are many charts for important topics like national parks, important organizations, wetlands etc. It comes handy for revision purposes.
Sr. No.ParticularsDownload Link
01EcologyDownload Here
02Climate ChangeDownload Here
03International ConventionsDownload Here
04PollutionDownload Here
05Institutions and MeasuresDownload Here
06OrganizationsDownload Here
07Acts and PoliciesDownload Here
08BiodiversityDownload Here
09Current affairsDownload Here
10National parksDownload Here
11WetlandsDownload Here

IUCN animals –

I tried to memorize critically endangered, endangered and vulnerable animals by their pictures.

Sr. No.ParticularsDownload Link
01Vulnerable SpeciesDownload Here
02EndangeredDownload Here
03Critically EndangeredDownload Here


  1. Plan – please understand that i am uploading my plan ONLY FOR REFERENCE PURPOSE. Students are advised to look at this plan amd form their own one accordingly.
  2. Comprehensive tests performance sheet – Self analysis plays a key role in preliminary preparation. I followed Round system and made Comprehensive analysis of each round to gauge my performance. I will discuss this analysis in details in coming days.
  3. Logics and tricks – based on PYQ of UPSC, this excel sheet is only for reference purpose.
Sr. No.ParticularsDownload Link
01Logic and Tricks xls sheetDownload Here
02Prelims Plans xls sheetDownload Here

How to do Prelims test analysis :

I used following three rounds

  1. Round 1- sure round- mcq solved here are those which i am 100% sure.
  2. Round 2- Logic and Technique round – using logics and tricks to eliminate 3 options and arrive at right answer
  3. Round 3- High risk round – applying some fodder knowledge or distant fact to GUESS the answer.

How to do analysis of test-

  • solve using above based rounds. Analysis right and wrong answers in each round. You can make seperate marking on question paper for seperate rounds.

-scores /right wrongs in each round suggests something:

  1. Weak Round 1- this means you are marking those questions wrong of which you are sure. This suggest gap in knowledge.
  • How to improve :REVISE multiple times to improve Round 1 performance
  1. Weak Round 2- this suggest you are weak in techniques and logics. Your logics are going wrong.
  • How to improve- develope logics based on Past years upsc question papers. Try to develope mind techniques. Apply different logics and see

From Below you can download Logic and Performance Sheet

Sr. No.ParticularsDownload Link
01Logic and Tricks xls sheetDownload Here

Credit Source: Mandar Patki’s Telegram Channel : https://t.me/mandar_ias

Mandar Patki’s Notes UPSC (AIR 22 CSE 2019) PDF
Mandar Patki’s Mains Notes UPSC (AIR 22 CSE 2019) PDF
Mandar Patki’s UPSC Marksheet


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