Home Politics and Law List of Chief Ministers (CM) of Maharashtra PDF Download

List of Chief Ministers (CM) of Maharashtra PDF Download

List of Chief Ministers (CM) of Maharashtra PDF Download

List of Chief Ministers (CM) of Maharashtra: You can find here the complete list of CM of Maharashtra with their time durations from where they completed with the party they belong to.

Sl.No.Name of Chief MinistersFromToParty
1Yashwantrao ChavanMay 1, 1960Nov 19, 1962INC
2Marotrao KannamwarNov 20, 1962Nov 24, 1963INC
3P. K. SawantNov 25, 1963Dec 4, 1963INC
4Vasantrao NaikDec 5, 1963Mar 1, 1967INC
5Vasantrao NaikMar 1, 1967Mar 13, 1972INC
6Vasantrao NaikMar 13, 1972Feb 20, 1975INC
7Shankarrao ChavanFeb 21, 1975Apr 16, 1977INC
8Vasantdada PatilApr 17, 1977Mar 2, 1978INC
9Vasantdada PatilMar 7, 1978Jul 18, 1978INC
10Sharad PawarJul 18, 1978Feb 17, 1980PDF
 (President’s rule)Feb 17, 1980Jun 8, 1980N/A
11Abdul Rehman AntulayJun 9, 1980Jan 12, 1982INC
12Babasaheb BhosaleJan 21, 1982Feb 1, 1983INC
13Vasantdada PatilFeb 2, 1983Jun 1, 1985INC
14Shivajirao Patil NilangekarJun 3, 1985Mar 6, 1986INC
15Shankarrao ChavanMar 12, 1986Jun 26, 1988INC
16Sharad PawarJun 26, 1988Jun 25, 1991INC
17Sudhakarrao NaikJun 25, 1991Feb 22, 1993INC
18Sharad PawarMar 6, 1993Mar 14, 1995INC
19Manohar JoshiMar 14, 1995Jan 31, 1999SHS
20Narayan RaneFeb 1, 1999Oct 17, 1999SHS
21Vilasrao DeshmukhOct 18, 1999Jan 16, 2003INC
22Sushilkumar ShindeJan 18, 2003Oct 30, 2004INC
23Vilasrao DeshmukhNov 1, 2004Dec 4, 2008INC
24Ashok ChavanDec 8, 2008Oct 15, 2009INC
25Ashok ChavanNov 7, 2009Nov 9, 2010INC
26Prithviraj ChavanNov 11, 2010Sep 26, 2014INC
27Devendra FadnavisOct 31, 2014Nov 8, 2019BJP
 (President’s rule)Nov 12, 2019Nov 23, 2019N/A
28Devendra FadnavisNov 23, 2019Nov 26, 2019BJP
29Uddhav ThackerayNov 28, 2019PresentShiv Sena

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