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As you all know who is Ishwarchand Vidyasagar?

Following are his famous quotes which still inspires many:

The life without suffering is like a boat without a sailor, in which there is no discretion of itself, it also moves in a light breeze

Self-restraint (moderation) gives discrimination; mediation gives concentration; peace, satisfaction, and charity give humanityBefore one’s own interest, seeing the interest of society and country is the religion of a true citizen with a conscience.

Ishwar Chand Vidyasagar quotes

Beyond the welfare of others, there is no other righteous work and religionThose who are atheists should believe in God from a scientific point of view, they have an interest in it.

If a person wants to become big, then he should do even the smallest work, because only self-help is the best.No matter how big a man becomes he should always remember his past

If you want to become successful and prestigious, learn to bend. Because those who do not bow, the wind of time tilts

A man’s greatest act should be the well-being, and cooperation of others; Who builds a prosperous nation

A nation is built by its people, not just with the nations idea.

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