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” Fake News Essay “

I was scrolling through WhatsApp and saw, “Forward this message to 10 people and you will get blessed with blessings of God”. Many of such messages we daily come across. Are all this news which spreads faster than the coronavirus is Real?. I think we need to have thought about this. Many poor people who don’t know about fake news and its side effects fall prey to this trap and lose wealth, and mental health as well.

Fake News Essay

So, what is this Fake news is all about? It is news or misinformation which deceives or makes people believe that it is real. And in this digitized world of social media and the internet, the spread of fake news is very common.

And the sad part is many people not only lost their wealth but many innocent life’s also have been taken by this fake news.

Reasons for fake news:

There are many reasons if I can list some major like:

Role of media: Nowadays most mainstream media is also not publishing the real and true news and issue of the country. Instead, media houses are having their own biases towards any particular ideologies or parties. Hence it is sad but nowadays this is the reality of India and in the whole world.

Changes in News form: fake news was there during ancient times but, because at that time the spread of the internet and technology was not their the consequences were not so sudden and can be limited to some particular place or area. But technology has no boundaries and in a click of a second, it can even spread to the whole world.

Internet spread but lack digital education: Now people have internet and Mobile but proper guidance and how to use it in the right way is missing. Hence whatever people see without analyzing and thinking they blindly believe it. Mostly sensitive issues like religion and faith people get mad and don’t take time to idealize their point of view.

Fast lifestyle of people: Because of fast lifestyle and technology people are unable to take out time to think about what is right or wrong. Most people see a message and if overlooked and find their profit in it, they just forward it everywhere.

Consequences/Bad of Fake News

As fake news is not limited only up to normal poor people many educated and high profile people also may not be able to differentiate between fake news and misinformation. Hence here are some of the most common consequences of fake news we can list it down to:

Threat to democracies: countries like the third world, and mostly poor countries where the education is still reached to the last person, the chances of spread of this fake news are very high. Many political rallies and people try to put their election agenda and create fake news to play in favor of them. Hence we can say modern democracies are falling into this trap.

Effect on unity and integrity of India: Much fake news which is spreading is based on hatred towards each other religion and person. Hence this might slowly but can create a great danger in Indian society. E.g. violence in New Delhi recently.

Economical loss: Because of fake news people are into the trap of believing into traps of fake news and fake phone calls or message, they share their pin code password and hence lost their bank balances.
Hence there are so many bad sides to fake news. So now what are the solutions to deal with any kind of fake news?

How should we deal with fake news?

There are many ways to deal with fake news on an individual level as well as on country and government levels. Some of them are:

  • Educating the public through forums and proper news channels.
  • Taking action against fake news spreaders or originators.
  • Making guidelines for a social media platform to regulate fake news.
  • Keeping children and sensitive people from fake news or educating them.
  • Creating healthy platforms for debate and discussions etc.

Using the above measure we can surely reduce fake news to some extent. Remember we cannot remove the fake news from the root within a day. We need to keep working hard both on an individual and national level to make this issue resolve properly.


In India, if we find statistically almost more than 30 crore people use social media, and WhatsApp and Facebook are among the most used apps. Hence spreading fake news to such a huge level is very easy and within some hours it gets spread to almost all parts of India.

So, controlling fake news is very difficult but by education and proper advice and guidelines, we can still control the damage to a huge extent and avoid fake news propaganda. Hence by making proper laws we can save the people and country from disaster.

Fake News Essay Summary

Frequently asked questions (FAQ’s) on Fake News

What is the definition of fake news?

Fake news: false news stories, often of a sensational nature, created to be widely shared online to generate ad revenue via web traffic or discredit a public figure, political movement, company, etc.

What are the elements of Fake news?

According to Martina Chapman (Media Literacy Expert), there are three elements to fake news; ‘Mistrust, misinformation and manipulation’.

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