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Essay on Best Friend: Download Sample PDF

Essay on Best Friend: Download Sample PDF

Essay on Best Friends: It is rightly said that: “A friend in need is a friend in indeed”. A true friendship is not limited only to gossiping or laughing together but apart from this true friendship is selfless service rendered to each other. A friend is one who always comes to your help when you most need the help.

Essay on Best Friend

A true friend has cooperated as well sacrificing nature.

Now coming to Who is my Best friend? Yes, his Name is Viswash as the name suggests he is trustworthy. He is tall, fair, and talented and his communication skill is very excellent. He has a good personality as well. Most of my classmates tried to befriend him. But luckily he is my best friend.

He is the one to whom I have always admired to be. He belongs to a family of higher middle background and his parents daily pick and drop him to school in a luxurious car. But still, he is so kind and is a friend to me. He never treats me like I am any other or comes from average family background. Many times he pick me with his car driver to school.

Whenever there is any problem or issue regarding anything from homework to any arguments with my classmates he is always there to rescue me. He even helped me much time with my studies and also financially whenever I needed it.

He is so generous and down to earth that he never show his richness to anyone. He even shares his tiffin with all the students and even eats from mine tiffin.

Most of the time without telling me as I feel shame telling my problems to him. He helped me in my bad times. So I am indebted to him for my whole life. I wish God would give all people a friend like him who can always be ready to sacrifice his own life for the well of others.

Characteristics like selflessness, kindness, loving and down-to-earth, and generosity are imbibed in him. I love my friend and would like that everyone should get the same friends who are down to earth and helping in nature.

10 Lines on Best Friend

10 Lines on Best Friend
  1. A true Friendship is not limited but it is selfless service to each other.
  2. When you need the most a true friend will always be there for you.
  3. Sacrificing nature is one of the best qualities of a true friend.
  4. You must always admire your true friends.
  5. True friendship never counts on the price of money.
  6. A true friend will always help you before you tell your problems.
  7. Real friends are very rare to get, hence if you get don’t lose them.
  8. A true friend always stands by you.
  9. A real friend has a good personality but still, he is ground to earth.
  10. A real friend never shows his ego before anyone.

Here is the Essay on Best Friend PDF.

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