EDC Full Form In Pregnancy

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EDC Stands For Estimated Date of Confinement

What is EDC?

The accurate determination of a patient’s “due” date, referred to by doctors and midwives as the EDC (Estimated Date of Confinement) or EDD (Estimated Date of Delivery), is very important for a variety of reasons.

EDC full form

What is the Importance of EDC?

From the monitoring of the baby’s growth to doing necessary tests and also correct diagnosis of premature labor, and many other complicated situations that arise during pregnancy, all depends on a correct determination of the EDC for appropriate management.

How EDC is calculated?

Past methods: In the past, it was calculated using Naegele’s Rule:

It is determined by subtracting 3 months from the 1st day of the last period and then adding 7 days. When women who have regular 28-day cycles present for prenatal care this turn out to be the correct method.

But it is very common to have patients with irregular or infrequent menstrual cycles or have any tumors problems which show the uterus to be enlarged on pelvic exam. Hence it is difficult to correctly determine the EDC using the above method.

Modern Methods: It involves methods like ultrasound. Using this technique we can obtain very reliable images. Hence ultrasound done between 7 and 13 weeks is most accurate.

How accurate, you say? Compare the maximum error that each ultrasound can potentially have, and you’ll see what I mean:
• 1st Trimester (7-13 weeks): plus or minus 5 days
• 2nd Trimester (14-28 weeks): plus or minus 10-14 days
• 3rd Trimester (29-40 weeks): plus or minus 21 days!

This means that a pregnancy for which no period dates are available, and who did not get an exam or ultrasound until the third trimester, can have an EDC which could conceivably fall within a range as broad as 42 days! Talk about uncertainty.

Hence, it is very important to calculate correct EDC and hence manage the pregnancy dates properly.

Other Full Form of EDC:

EDCElectronic Data Capture
EDCExtensor Digitorum Communis
EDCElectronic Data Collection
EDCEpidemiology of Diabetes Complications
EDCEpidermal Differentiation Complex
EDCEndocrine Disrupting Compound
EDC1-ethyl-3-(3-dimethyl aminopropyl)carbodiimide

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