Charter Act of 1833 PDF Download

Charter Act of 1833 PDF: One of the most important act in the history of India. Also known as St. Helena act 1833

LEASE EXTENSION: Initial given lease of 20 year was further extended and territory of India governed in the name of “CROWN”

EIC MONOPOLY ENDED: EIC ended monopoly over trade with and CHINA and TEA also ended.

RESTRICTION LIFTED: All restrictions on European Immigration and acquisition of property were lifted. hence leading to the increased colonization of India.

CENTRALIZATION OF GOVT: Financial, Legislative, and administrative centralization of govt. started. Governor-General was given the power to superintend control over the civil and military affairs of the company. Also, full control of Bengal, Madras, and Bombay was given to Governor-General.

DEPRIVATION OF LEGISLATIVE POWER: government of Madras and Bombay deprives of their legislative powers.

LAW MEMBER: law members were added for the first time in the Governor-General council to assist him in the Lawmaking processor problems. Indian law was codified and consolidated.

EQAUL EMPLOYMNET: Equal employment was given to all indian irrespective of caste, class gender or any kind of discriminations.

ABOLISH SLAVERY: steps were taken to abolish any kind of slavery.

Significance of the Charter Act of 1833

  1. The first step in the centralization of administration India.
  2. The ending of the EICs commercial activities. And making it into the British Crown’s trustee in administering India.
  3. Codification of laws under Macaulay.
  4. Provision for Indians in government service was made.
  5. Also, separation of the executive and the legislative functions of the council.

Please find below the compiled snippet of the Charter act of 1833:

A Brief About Charter Act of 1833 PDF

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