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ASD Full Form In Election

ASD Full Form In Election

ASD Full Form In Election: We have simplified its meaning for you. Read the post and Understand what it actually means. You can also download PDF for the Same given at the bottom of the Post.

What is the Full form of ASD used in Election?

ASD: Absentee, Shifted, and Duplicate/Death

Suppose you are a voter and you went to a polling booth and then you came to know that your name is registered in ASD i.e. Absentee, Shifted and Duplicate/Death list then you will not be able to vote as your Name might get missed from the original list and it is now in ASD list.

There is also a chance of Duplication of the voter’s name hence to remove the irregularity and issue of voter list government is trying hard hence they are taking thumb and photographs also to find the true identity and avoid duplication of voting.

ASD Full Form In Election

A Brief ASD Full Form In Election PDF:

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