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Tricks To Remember Important Dates: Find here the complete list of Tricks To Remember Important Dates-Days.

This information is very much useful for the students or general public who wants to explore the knowledge about Maharashtra politics.

Here is the Tricks To Remember Important Dates-Days:

Environment related tricks:

1. First of all you should remember that 5 JUNE – World Environment Day coz it is the prime in all.

Now remember 22 as date and a sequence March, April, and May. Then memorize a sequence 


Now you will see




 2. Memorize a sentence “FOREST & WATER is an integral part of METEOROLOGY”As you know from the previous point that “WORLD WATER DAY” is in month of “MARCH” so remember MARCH as a month and for DATE remember the sequence 21, 22, 23.

Now you will see



    23 MARCH- WORLD METEOROLOGICAL DAY (vishwa mausam vigyan diwas)

In addition you can memorize 16 SEP- OZONE DAY


If someone asks you when you will quit smoking a very common answer is “yaar is month ke LAST MAY quit kar dunga” So what is the last of MAY MONTH??????”31″


India is the country having highest no. of YOUTH India became independent on 15th of AUGUST So you 

can easily relate the words “youth & august”



1. Memorize a song “Pardeshi (NRI) ree NA(9) JANa pardesh”

9 JAN- NRI day (भारतीय प्रवासी दिवस)

2. BD MARoge to Tb to hogi hiHere B=2, D=4 so date become “24“ then I wrote MARoge , in the word 

    mar= March and that is a month , then I wrote TB(tuberculosis ) क्षय रोग

    so you can easily relate

    24 MARCH- WORLD TB DAY (अंतरराष्ट्रीय तपेदिक दिवस)

3. Memorize “ JULdi 1 Doctor bulao 

   “Here I wrote JUL in caps , so JULY is the month, then I use a no. 1 that is date ,then I use a word                Doctor , 

     so will see


4. Memorize this stupid story “Ek TEACHER aye keval 3 DAYS me ek bachche ko LITERATE(साक्षर)  bana diya , 6 DAYS me vo HINDI me expert ho gaya aur NEXT DAY vo bachca ENGINEER ban           gaya aur NEXT DAY usne OZONE layer ki khoj kar di.Now we all knoe as an Indian that Teacher’s        day is celebrated on 5th September (birth date of Sarvpalli Dr. Radhakrishanan) , I just want to say that         this sentence belongs to the important dates of the month September .and this date is key to all the other      important dates of September.Focus on the word written in caps in the sentence.So starting from Teachers    Day, that is 5th of Sep. the next Caps word is 3 DAYS & LITERATE , so just ADD 3 in 5,,(3+5=8) 8        Sep world literacy day , move to next caps word is 6 & hindi, now add 6 to the previous date 8,                 (8+6=14) , 14 sep is Hindi diwas .. next word is is NEXT DAY & ENGINEER, 14+next day = 15 , 15       sep is Indian engineer’s day (birthday of vishweshwariah),next caps words are NEXT & OZONE , so         15+Next day=16, 16 sep is World Ozone Day.

 So we get







Let’s start with- January- March

1. January :

1) January-In January there are 5 important days

1)12 Jan-National youth day (rashtriya yuva diwas)

2) 15 Jan-Army day (sena diwas)

3)24 Jan-National girl child day (rashtriya balika diwas)

4) 25 Jan- National tourism day/ voter day

5) 30 Jan- National martyr day(rashtriya shahid diwas)/ Anti leprosy day

No. Of days=5 so,

Story subject- January me mere ghar  5 tarah ke log aaye

Trick with story- January me mere ghar paanch tarah ke log aaye jinme 12 yuva,15 sena ke log,24 balikaye,25-25 tourism aur voter or 30 shahid ke parivar ke log jo leprosy ke shikar the.

Note-12,15,24,25,30 is days.

2. February :

1) 4 Feb- World Cancer day

2) 28 Feb-National Science day

In February only 2 important days.

No of days-2(both related to science)

Story subject- February me science ne 2 experiment kiye

Trick-” February me science ne do experiment kiye jinme 4 cancer ke marizo ko thik karne me 28 vigyan(science) ka use hua”.

3. March :

1)8 mar- International women day

2) 9 mar-world kidney day

3) 15 mar-world consumer right day

4)20 mar- world sparrow day/happiness day(khushi diwas)

5) 21 mar- World forest day

6) 22 mar- world water day

7) 23 mar- meteorological day

8) 24 mar- World T.B day

No. Of days=8

Note-(because of all days are WORLD days) Subject- march ki 8 world famous Ghatnaye 

Trick with story-

8 women ki 9 kidney 15 consumers ko 20 sparrow ke through khushi khushi 21 forest me 22 water boat ke jariye 23 metro stations par 24 T.B ke marizo ko becha gaya.

Note- 20,21,22,23,24 days in sequence To bs story yaad rkhey.

This is in continuance to the previous series provided by @k$. This is one of the important topics he has covered.

4) April: 

1) 2 april -Autism awareness day in short (AADami)/World autism day

2) 7 april- world health day

3) 21 april- Civil service day

4) 22 april- Earth day

5) 24 April- National Panchayati Raj day

No. Of days=5

Subject-chaar (april is 4th month) ka paanch

Trick with story-

2 AADamiyo be acche helath ke sath (7) 21 baar civil service ka exam diya or ve do do (22) bar is dharti (earth) par pass hue or end me 24 vi baar me unhe Panchayat vibhag mila. (Hard work pays off)

5) May:

1) 1 may- international labour day

2) 3 may- world press freedom day

3) 11 may- National technology day

4) 21 may- Anti- terrorism day/death of Rajiv gandhi

5) 31 may- Anti-Tobacco day

No. Of days=5

Subject- Paanch ka panch

Trick with story-

1 (ek) Rajiv naam ka labour tha jisey 3 press (stri) free me miley the jo 11vi sadi ki technology se bane the par 21vi sadi me kuch terrorist ne Rajiv ko mar kar usey 31 rupaye me Tobacco company ko bech diya.

6) June :

1) 5 june- World environment day ( everyone knows)

2) 21 june- World Yoga day ( latest hai sb jante hai)

7) July :

1) 1 july – National Doctor’s day

2) 11july – world population day

No. Of days- 2

Subject- Sath(7)-sath (7) 2 kadam chale—

Trick with Story-

1 doctor ne san 20’11’ ke population ko control kiya.

(8) August :

1) 6 August- hiroshima day

2) 9 aug- Nagasaki day

3) 12 aug- International youth day

4) 29 aug- National Sports day/ Dhyan chand day

No. Of days=4

Subject- 8(aug) ka adha 4

Trick with story-

“6 heros ne 9 naago ko 12 saal ke youth ko 29 bar dhyan se khelne ko diya”.

(9) September :

1) 5 sept- teacher’s day

2)8 sept- world literacy day

3) 14sept- Hindi diwas

4) 15 sept- Engineer’s day in India

5) 16 sept- World Ozone day

No. Of days=5

Subject- “5 sept. Ko teacher’s day hota hai”( hum sabhi jante hai iska mtlb sept. Me 5 days hote hai)

Ab baki ke 4 days

Trick with story-

“8 world ke literate person ko 14 hindi pe,15 engineering pe or 16 Ozone day pe essay likhwaya gaya”.

Note-14,15,16 continue so remember story only

(10) October:

1) 2 oct- National non violence day/Gandhi day

2) 8 oct- Airforce day

3) 9 oct- world post office day

4) 24 oct- United nation day

No. Of days=4

Subject- oct. Me RRB-IV ka result ayega.

2oct ko gandhi ji ne Ahinsa(non-violence) ka nara diya.

Trick with story for remaining 3.

“8 Airforce ne 9 letters post kiye 24 UN countries ko”

(11) November:

1) 17 Nov-  World Students day

2) 18 nov-  World Adults day

3) 19 nov-  World Citizens day

4) 26 nov- National laws day

No.of days= 4

Subject- 11×4=44 ( means in nov. four days)

Trick with story-

“17 saal ke students jab 18 saal ke adults hue to unhe 19 saal ke Citizens ne unhe 26 national laws sikhaye”.

Note- (17,18,19) saal ke bachhe

(12) December:

1) 1 dec- AIDS day

2) 2 dec- World computer literacy day

3) 4 dec- Navy day

4) 10-dec- human rights day

5) 14 dec- National Energy Conservation Day

6) 24 dec- national consumers day

7) 25 dec- Good governance day(India)

No. Of days- 7

Subject- December ke sath sath (7) saal bhi chala gaya.

Tricks with story-

“1 Add (AIDS) me likha tha 2 computer literate ki jarurt hai 4 dino ke ander Navy me jiske liye 10 human ne apne rights ke sath apply kiya or 14 dec. Ko full energy ke sath interview diya or 24 ghante me unhe national consumers ki post mili , is tarah 25 saal me unhe Good gav. Job mil gai” :))


1) 12 jan- National youth day

2) 12 aug- International youth day

Trick- “jane na(national) you(youth) ko kya oogI (aug- International)  ho you(youth)”

1) 15 Mar- World consumers rights day

2) 24 Dec- National consumer rights day

Trick- Pehle consumers march me world me aaye rights lene fir December me india (nation) me rights liya.

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