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NCERT Solutions PDF Download: Are you a student and Looking for PDFs of different classes, from CBSE to State Board Examinations.

And worried about which notes to follow and which PDFs to read for solutions. Don’t worry we are here to resolve you queries.

We are going to provide you best solutions for your class needs.

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You can find below table and select your class and subject and get the solution for that subjects, chapter and topic wise.

NCERT Solutions for Class 1 to 12, Free CBSE NCERT Solutions

Are you a CBSE student and looking for the best and to the point NCERT solutions PDF for free? Then you are on the right website to be.

Explore our class wise sections to know your chapter wise notes, and download them for your needs.

What do we provide in this article?

We have listed down the NCERT solutions from class 1 to Class 12th in PDF format. Also, provide NCERT Solutions PDF Download for free.

We have designed these solutions in such a way that they will help you in your exams, and make you learn them easily and you can revise them very quickly. While making these questions we have kept marking schemes of the questions in mind and have provided the questions.

A brief about NCERT:

What is the full form of NCERT: National Council of Educational Research and Training is the full form of NCERT.

Which is the official site:

About NCERT: It is an autonomous body, which works under the central government of India. It does research and work of improvement of school education and constantly evolving body in the field of education.

Always doing great creative work and improving the quality of textbooks year on year.

They not only help CBSE boards but they help in making books for different state level exams as well.

Free of Cost PDF of NCERT Solutions For Class 1 to Class 12

Yes, you heard this right we are a free organization providing the best quality content for students so that they cannot get fooled by coaching mafias.

The solutions are prepared by our subject experts considering the need for the exams and demand of questions and marks.

NCERT Solutions for Class 12
NCERT Solutions for Class 11
NCERT Solutions for Class 10
NCERT Solutions for Class 09
NCERT Solutions for Class 08
NCERT Solutions for Class 07
NCERT Solutions for Class 06
NCERT Solutions for Class 05
NCERT Solutions for Class 04
NCERT Solutions for Class 03
NCERT Solutions for Class 02
NCERT Solutions for Class 01

We have arranged the NCERT solution in chronological order so that you can easily find out the class-wise and book-wise solution for the subjects.

Why Reading NCERTs is important?

NCERTs are very much important because they are the bible books for any exams be it NEET, JEE, or any competitive examinations.

Here are some of the best reasons why you should not avoid reading NCERTs books.

  1. They are Easy to understand, arranged in a chronological way.
  2. They are written by top experts in the country.
  3. They are mostly used by Various exam paper setters to derive the questions
  4. They are easily available in online and offline mode.
  5. They are the backbone of your student for board exams of class 12 and 10.
  6. NCERTs help in improving your creative skills. Since, there are various projects given inside them.
  7. NCERTs are a must for clearing the UPSC and other state-level competitive examinations
  8. And there are many more reasons, which vary from person to person.

Hence, considering the above need of the students we would recommend you follow NCERTs religiously. And revise them multiple times.

What we are going to provide in these articles?

We are giving you the simplified NCERTs books solution PDF, for free.

The content is created by experts and will deliver quality material and correct solutions.

This in terms helps you clear your basic understanding and retain more solutions to the answers.

As it is said that if you want to learn something you should do reverse engineering to learn that. Meaning you have to solve the questions given in the booklet without seeing them. The Method is also called the active recall method.

Hence question practice will automatically improve your chances of getting a good score in competitive examinations.

Which languages are NCERT Solutions PDFs ?

Here we tried to provide you the NCERTs solution PDFs in both Hindi and English language.

Here detailed solutions are provided for each and every question. We also believe in learning and evolving. Hence if you have found any mistakes in these solutions then let us know in the comment sections. We will work and update the solutions as per requirements.

Quality is Assured?

Here we, try to cover each and every topic and every small exercise which is given in the NCERTs books. So, that you can get acquainted with the solution.

You can just click on the Download button and can also take a print out of it and read it anywhere anytime. Also, we have provided a space for you to have your notes in Feynman Techniques.

Hence keep reading the solution and keep revising it again and again. Your hard work only will help you to achieve success in any exam you aspire to be.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on NCERT Solutions PDF Download

Question 1: Where to download NCERT Solutions for all classes and Subjects?

You can just google and in that click on NCERT Solutions in the top right corner and select the subject you want to and then form the next page select the topic for which you are looking for the solutions. And just click on the topic name to download the pdfs for that topic.

Question 2: What is the main difference between NCERT and CBSE?

CBSE: This is a board that conducts your examinations. While NCERT is counsel, which work on the curriculum of students and make textbook and other research work for you.

Question 3: Are these PDF free to download?

Yes, you can download these PDFs for free and you can take a print out of these also if you found them helpful.

Question 4: Why you should read NCERT for your board exams?

Board exams for classes 10 and 12 the class are purely conducted by the CBSE. And they take help from NCERTs to set the paper for the board exams.

As they are the master book, NCERTs will help you to