Lothian Committee Report: Key Highlights

Lothian Committee Report: Key Highlights

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Chairman of Lothian Committee: Lord Lothian.

For the report, it is said that Lord Lothian had traveled 7689 miles almost three months for visiting India.

On Date June 3, 1932, in London, the demands of M. K. Gandhi, were rejected. No cooperation by Gandhi’s party with the committee.

Why Gandhi’s proposal was rejected?

The Gandhi demand for universal adult suffrage was rejected because it was not feasible and because illiteracy makes it undesirable, the committee said. Gandhi’s ideas for indirect election also were rejected in favor of the present direct election system.

Indian Franchise committee published a report recommending the foundation for a responsible system of government in India.

Increase in Number of Voters: The report proposed huge increases in the number of qualified voters in the provinces and made special provisions to guarantee representation for women and the “untouchables,” lowest in the castes of India.

Aims of the Committee:

  1. Framing “a franchise which would be a suitable foundation for a system of responsible government.”
  2. It proposed that provincial legislature be chosen by an electorate of 29,382,000 men and 6,620,000 women as compared with 6,792,281 men and 315,651 women at present.
  3. It recommended a federal assembly electorate of 6,864,899 men and 1,578,151 women as compared with the present combined total of 1,142,948.
  4. Between 2 percent and 5 percent of the seats in both provincial legislatures and the assembly should be reserved for women, temporarily at least, the report said.
  5. It proposed educational and property qualifications for voters, with special qualifications to insure the necessary enfranchisement of women and untouchables and labor or other minorities.

The report dealt exclusively with British India, and the princes of the various states were left to decide on the method of election of their representatives to the federal assembly.

The committee said it was aided by all political factions in India except the Gandhi nationalists.

Image Summarising the Aims of Committee:

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Lothian Committee Report: Key Highlights

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